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Harris Hawk

He’s 2 years old and has a distinct, amusing personality unlike any Harris hawk I’ve encountered before.

The Harris Hawk, a medium to large-sized bird of prey, is renowned for its unique hunting behavior of working cooperatively in groups. Often referred to as the “wolf of the sky,” this majestic bird can be found spanning from the southwestern United States down to Chile, central Argentina, and Brazil.


Peregrine Falcon

At 2 years old, he’s always raring to go, with an eagerness to take flight that you can’t miss.

The Peregrine Falcon, is famous for its remarkable speed. Capable of reaching speeds exceeding 320 km/h (200 mph) during its signature hunting stoop (high-speed dive), it holds the title of the fastest animal in the world.


Crested Caracara

At 2 years old, she’s full of mischief and cheekiness.

Also referred to as the Mexican eagle, this bird bears resemblance to a long-legged hawk but is actually a member of the falcon family. Known for its inquisitive nature, it cleverly utilizes this trait to scavenge for food. These birds are widespread across Central and South America.


Brown Wood Owl

At just 1 year old, she’s incredibly laid-back and adores cuddles, embodying the classic traits of a nocturnal owl.

The Asian Brown Wood Owl, ranging from medium to large size at 45 to 57cm, inhabits the lush forests of South Asia, including regions of India, Sri Lanka, and southern China. These owls thrive in both tropical and temperate forest habitats.